Gorillaturd Side Handle

Gorillaturd Side Handle

If you hold on to one of these, you will be like a monkey with your hand in a jar of nuts, simply you will not let go.

The handle can be mounted directly to the side of the camera using a “Syndicate dogbone”. Mail us and we might have one to sell you. Or as its originally intended, you bolt it directly on to your KipperTie Chinstrap.

Its designed for Arri rosette ontop of the thumb grip and 2x 1/4″ UNC 20 threaded holes on the bottom side. The handle mounts with two captive 1/4″ UNC 20 screws.

Specifically designed for the RED Komodo Camera together with the Kippertie Chinstrap. Print this and you got at ultralight super strong most comfy cool looking side handle ever.

Designed using an elaborate process of hand sculpted clay, 3D scanning and Houdini iterative modelling.


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