3D Model- Lowrider Baseplate for Komodo & RS2

3D Model- Lowrider Baseplate for Komodo & RS2

Design to be used with  RED Komodo Cameras together with the DJI RS2.

This is a 3D print design by Syndicate. If purchased you are free to print as many as you like for your own personal or company use. But if you would like to use the design for mass manufacturing or such then please contact the Syndicate team for licensing.

The download file is a “.stl” file

Happy printing!

Designed by the Syndicate team in a strive to minimise weight and optimise the physics of a RED Komodo mounted on a DJI RS2 gimbal. Works well to 3D print in PLA or carbon infused PLA for extra strength.

Main features:

–  Offsets the camera body almost a full 40mm towards the right / blind side of the camera. This puts much less stress on the gimbals roll motor and makes the setup more compact, to allows for heavier setups without any roll counter weights needed.  Basically this basplate draw full benefits from Komodo´s small left / right dimensions.

– Low profile, less hight to the camera body then the original DJI dovetail. Again more compact,  less inertia, less stress on motors.

– Allow counter weights to come closer to the body. To a perfect position low / behind, without getting in conflict with the roll motor.

– The number of counter weight mount points and positions are optimized to guarantee that camera can take on the biggest lens / camera loads possible and still stay balance.

– The screw slot is long and wide Preferably used cone shaped heads to provide most perfect alignment.

Its designed around Smallrig´s and Tiltas 1/4″ threaded type counter weights.