Syndicate PLA Vaxis Atom 23deg camera side mount.

Syndicate PLA Vaxis Atom 23deg camera side mount.

No more noga arms and cable mess around your Vaxis Atom wireless video TX unit.

This is a little device we designed to hold your Vaxis Atom TX snuggly on the side of your camera.
It puts the TX unit in a 23 deg angle on the AC side of the camera in a such way so the connectors is facing backwards and can be seated next to your SDI, USB and HDMI connectors.

Its designed around our DSMC2 red camera with a V mount adapter in the back and a Small rig DSMC2 side plate. But likely it works on all kinds of cameras with a 1/4″ cheese plate design on the side.

TX Atom unit is locked into this mount using the Sony NP battery slot. So you need to power the Atom with USB power. This unit provides good protection for all the cable connectors, usb-c, hdmi and SDI all sits nicely in a “connector cavity” on the side.

On special request and extra charge we can make this so it takes Power from D-tap or what have you but as of now it’s just a mount not adding power. You can also choose your own color and or replace the syndicate text with your name or such.

This is a 3D printed product. Some of the pictures here are 3D renders so they look more glossy than the real deal. However its a product we use on a daily basis and it does it thing, so even though it does not have a 100% polished look we think you will like it.