Mount Nelson Capetown 227° Cylindrical Panorama

Mount Nelson Capetown 227° Cylindrical Panorama

When purchased you get access toa download link holding:
– 8k Stitch prores 4444 file duration 175frames.
– r3d raw files used to create the panorama.
– UV maps for each layer used to create the stitch.

When purchased you cleared all rights to use this footage in productions you are involved in. How ever depending on the type of production you might need usage rights also from Mount Nelson hotel SA.

A high quality panorama stitch from 5 plates shot with Red Monstro 8k and a 24mm FD lens. A cylindrical 227deg panorama, duration 7s. Rendered as 12bit Rec709.
Works well as a balcony view backplate.
Complimentary to the the stitched panorama you also find the five source clips all included as prores 4444 files.

Location: Mount Nelson 

Image quality rating 1-10.
Exposure and DR 10. (No white or black pixels and the whole image is held well within the sensor range)
Pixel peeping quality. 8. (There is a slight softness due to the more artistic lens choice. But resolution holds up well for window / balcony backdrop comp scenarios.)