NaturesWay – The bug

Highresolution print artwork

Thank you Filip Engström, Francesca Lentin and Smuggler LA for honouring us with yet another vfx soaked adventure.

These films where shot late fall in Capetown SA, in miniature studio sets and on locations around town. 

Syndicate was on the project from the get go and worked on the animatics together with the director creating the main character – the cucumber bug, a deep sea fish scene, striking snake head, butterflies, a frog, CG product / bottle shots, graphics, vegetational set extensions and other things.

The campaign was launched in the US early feb 2023 and had great success. 

Team list

CLIENT Natures Way
DIRECTOR Filip Engström
AGENCY Opinionated
PROD CO Smuggler LA
PRODUCT Vitamin Gummies
PRODUCER Francesca Lentin
DOP Jallo Padel Faber
SET DESIGN Jason Dawes

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NatursWay Anthem 60s

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NatursWay Alive 30s

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Anthem: Sketch animatic- Final picture

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Alive: Sketch animatic - Final picture

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Sambucus: Sketch animatic - Final picture

Padel player and DoP Jallo Farber lines up yet another packshot all while set designer Jason Dawes give the product jars their final blessings.

NaturesWay - Behind the scenes still gallery

NaturesWay - Early test render