V Power Plate

V Power Plate

How you make it:
– Download and 3D print the two parts.
– Order this connector from Alibaba. V mount connector. (You need to use a sharp knife and remove the “wings” on the connector, a bit fiddly but not that difficult, takes a minute or two.)
– If you want the plate to have female 2pin lemo power in and out. Then also order one or two of these from Wooden camera
-If you want to go with a fixed cable you don’t need the 2pin female lemos. Just order a power cable of choice. 2 pin lemo, D-tap or what ever you prefer.

-Soldier the cable to the + and – of the V lock connector.
– Use your glue gun to secure the cable in place inside the V power font cover.
– Add some extra glue before you snap the back part in place.

Ofcourse does not need to be cables from wooden camera, any kind of power cable works, just cut, solder it and glue it in place.

Email us if any questions so you don’t fry anything.

Before you mount the plate. Hook it up to electricity source and use your volt meter to make sure the + connector is positive and – minus is negative.  If you go wrong here you will damage what ever you hook the plate up to. So be careful and email us if you got any questions.

If all good. Viola.  Connect the power cable to your power source and click the plate on the back of your camera and you are good to go.

This plate also have 5 threaded 1/4″ UNC screw holes where you can attach the common type of screw on counter weights sold by Tilta, Small rig etc.

If you want the lizard skinned version order and send us an email and we will send that to you as well. Just have not added it to the link yet.

This is a 3D print design by Syndicate. If purchased you are free to print as many as you like for your own personal or company use. But if you would like to use the design for mass manufacturing or such then please contact the Syndicate team for licensing.

The download filed are “.stl” files. Works well to 3D print in PLA or carbon infused PLA for extra strength in pretty much any 3D printer, does not cost much to get one. Happy printing!

A slim, Ultra low weight V-lock power plate solution. Designed to provide tethered power to your camera.