Sigur Rós – Blóðberg

Pure magic to be part of creating the official music video for Blóðberg together with the one and only, director Johan Renck. Thank you.

I feel as nihinistic as one could regarding the future. We are powerless againts our own stupidities. Some aspects of this came to merge with my impressions of the themes of Blóðberg. The music becoming a score to my own miserable thoughts, giving them beauty as only music can.” – Johan Renck.

Production company:  Sinestra
Director Johan Renck
Producer Svana Gisla
Visual effects by: Syndicate
Visual art by:  Mattias Malmer
Visual effects producer:  Björn Benckert


Some thoughts/comments on the piece:


“An amazing song and video.”
Horrible… Absolutely masterpiece…”
That is a very … intense … video!”
For me, this just shows the inevitability of time; we may hopefully turn the world’s current situation around in our and nature’s favour, but eventually, our golden moment in the starlight will end, and there’s nothing we can do to stop it. Humanity is finite, and that’s what this video speaks to me in a beautiful and accepting way.”


Brutal video”
This is a very powerful video. It captures the feelings of my personal life at the moment, but also the state of the world. I’m failing to find adjectives to describe the feeling this video evokes.”
Jonsi’s vocals are as hauntingly beautiful as ever, this is a very powerful song and video . Heartbreakingly good”
Beautiful music! And the video perfectly encapsulates the zeitgeist of how it feels like we’re marching towards our doom. Excellent use of the uncanny valley for maximum effect of the message!”
finally some uplifting music  but seriously: it perfectly encapsulates the dread of knowing that we’re sliding into a catastrophe and absolutely nothing is being done about it. in a way it perfectly represents our future: a hot, dying earth which grows mostly inhabitable for people living on it. it’s a truly moving piece of art”
Great clip. Looks like the world in 2050.”
Achingly beautiful but tinged with sadness watching the video as this is the most likely outcome for humanity.”
A very depressing and thought-provoking video.”
How come almost no one in these comment was also blown by this crazyyyyy video too? Sigur Rós always had the touch for perfect video, but still surprised me with this!”
I was hypnotised by the video. Beautiful.”
Beautiful song, powerful video. It turns out Blood Meridian is filmable, after all…”
Haunting… one of the best music videos ever made.”

Sigur Rós - Blóðberg