Syndicate are proud owners of a Rokoko MoCap suit. This gives us the possiblity to add that extra nerve to our animation. Things that would take months to animate can be acted out and directed in real time. The cool thing with Inertial Motion Capture is that it can be done in pretty much any location and during a normal shoot. The suit can even be used underneath regular clothes to capture the actors movements, while they also are being filmed.

What is Inertial Motion Capture?

Left Shift + drag timeline – create a new region
Left Shift + hover region – access region options (rename, remove).
Left Shift + drag region edges – resize region
Left Shift + F8 – toggle debug options in Smartsuit control panel
Space – start/pause playback
F5 – start a new recording. If currently recording, it stops it.
– move camera left
– move camera backward
– move camera right
– move camera forward
Arrow left – move camera left
Arrow down – move camera backward
Arrow right – move camera right
Arrow up – move camera forward
– move camera up
– move camera down
Shift + Right Mouse Button + Drag in 3D view – rotate camera around the characters.
M – toggle mirroring in 3D view
Alt + Enter (Windows only) – enter/exit fullscreen.
Command + F (OSX only) – enter/exit fullscreen
Alt + F4 (Windows only) – close Smartsuit Studio
Command + Q (OSX only)
 – close Smartsuit Studio