Julius Baer – Your private bank

Play Julius Baer Shooting on location in Cape Town. The complexity of the shoot required Björn to fly to S.A. and prep with Max, Krille and Michael from Condor Films, then supervise all post effects. Check this out: The interior of the house was shot on location. But the exterior is a 3D matte painting […]

Läkerol – Cool taste

Play Oskar Bård, Director and founder of Hobby film, offered us a challenge. Six :05 spots, all with the same :02 end tags. How much VFX work can we squeeze into those remaining :03? All spots shot on Syndicate’s brand new RED Epic against blue screen at XL Studios. https://vimeo.com/515672263 Läkerol – Snökyssen Läkerol – […]

Canal Digital – HD-indians & remote recording

Play Two spots promoting the superb picture quality provided by Canal Digital’s own satellite –  plus the ability to remotely trigger your recordings via your cell phone. CanalDigital – Film 1 CanalDigital – Film 2