Play Syndicate where happy to cater Snask Film with both moco and VFX services for this production. An animatic was made and pushed trough the syndicate 3D department into milo/flare. 7 laptops scenes where built infront of the milo and the actors did their acting against a “green on green” video playback that run in […]

Luft Hansa – The unhappy 1%

Play The talented creative duo, Joakim Khoury and Daniel Vaccino, at DDB Stockholm contacted us regarding this project. Normally when making big airline films there are long schedules a lot of ppm meetings etc, but for this little production things where a bit different, the creatives had a just a few days to set the concept […]

IKEA – Living with Children

Play IKEA – Living with children In the early spring of 2013 Syndicate where happy to be awarded this project trough Joi Persson, executive producer at Folke Film and their very talented director Andreas Nilsson. Syndicate got to cater for the pre visual animatics, milo programming, Milo operation, VFX supervisor, RED Epic Camera Equipment, HAWK […]

Autodesk – Just add water

Play Autodesk – Revit Flow Former “Daddy”, now Crispin Porter + Bogusky Europe, awarded Syndicate the job of scripting, producing, filming and post producing a spot for Autodesk’s AEC software (Architectural Engineering and Construction). The challenge was to deliver a spot with both technical edge and creative appeal for this particular end user. Autodesk – […]