3D Model - AC Focus hand thingy

3D Model - AC Focus hand thingy

Designed with Camera Assistants / Focus Pullers needs in mind. A slim and extremly low weight handle with several nato rail fixtures and 1/4″ threaded holes. Mount things like follow focus wheels, monitors, battery plates, video transmitters iPads etc on it. A quick to 3D printable solution, all you need to add is nato clamps, battery plate and or what ever camera gak you want on there.

How you make it:

-Click buy.
-Download and 3D print the file using PLA, or any other solid and strong filament of your choice.

Important: This is a 3D print design by Syndicate. If purchased you are free to print as many as you like for your own personal or company use. But if you would like to use the design for mass manufacturing or such then please contact the Syndicate team for licensing.

The download filed are “.stl” files. Happy printing!