Skara Sommarland – Snake the Sequel

A Syndicate pet project to say the least.

Possibly you have seen Gröna Lund – “Snake” a few summers back, Well this is the sequel. If you have not seen the original, then here is a link.

As the voice over says:
-“It moves without logic, attacks and devours and none of mans worst fantasies of evil can compare to this reality…”

Its same kind of tribute to a young Steven Spielberg as in the first film, but this time its more of a road movie, as Snake leaves Gröna Lund and heads for Skara.

A huge thank you goes to Navid Safiyari, and the rest of the Park&Resorts marketing team who let us be on such loose leash creatively for this one.

To the right is our high resolution artwork for the print campaign, a multi layered still that is adaptable to all formats,  large outdoor standing formats to small widescreen webpage banners, as the whole image is composed in layers that can be rearranged.

The campaign was all done by for the summer of 2020… Then, sadly this little monster, the pandemic came and pushed thing  ears forward. The campaign is now released and pushed tough social and local media.


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Skara Sommarland - Snake the Sequel 30s

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Skara Sommarland - With & Without VFX

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Skara Sommarland - Snake the Sequel 15s

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Skara Sommarland - Animatic