Bai – Sidney Sweeney

Play Bai Brands is a beverage company founded in 2009 in Princeton, New Jersey, by entrepreneur Ben Weiss.[1] Weiss started Bai after he learned about the coffeefruit – the fruit that surrounds the outside of the coffee bean — and decided to use it to create a new brand of beverages.[2] The company offers a line of low-calorie soft drinks (including sodas, bottled […]

Fasenra – Get back out there

Play Big thanks to Snafu studios, Filip Engström, Francesca Lentini and everyone else involved. The campagin was shot in Vancouver 2023. Syndicate was onboard to create some elaborate web GUI transitions and  other things. Fasenra – Stepping Back Out There 60s Fasenra – BTS

Tre – Guinea pig

Play Big thanks to Camp David: Robert Jitzmark, Emma Creed, Tre: Lina Stenberg, and everyone else involved. The campagin was shot in sunny Capetown SA. Syndicate was brought on the project to provide the CG Guinea Pig and do the online work. The campaign was lounched for the Swedish market during the spring 2023  and […]