Jura S8 – Roger Federer

Play We are happy to have, yet again, worked together with Mr Federer. This time together with Markenfilm Zurich and Russell Bates. Syndicate catered for VFX supervision and mocap on set, using the MVN mocap suit from Xsens. In post our task was to create the “household robot” for Roger. The plot: The robot makes a […]

Bausch & Lomb – CinemaScope Baltars.

These lenses will be ready and available for rent for special projects beginning 2019. Click the image above to see and download full resolution stills. More info and test footage will be added to this page over time. Here is some footage shot with these lenses.   75mm test clip. 100mm and some 35mm and 40mm test […]

IWC – Karolína Kurková & Adriana Lima

Play   Two of the worlds top supermodels spins in the International Watch Company’s “Cinema carousel” during the 2017 New York Film Festival. Syndicate where happy to be called in not only to capture the moments but also post and upload the footage straight from set. Huge thanks to Michael Gloor at Markenfilm for having […]

Syndicate OmniSliderServo.

Motor – High performance Servo. Horizontal operational payload – 70kg Vertical operational payload – 12kg Underslung – 25kg Length 2.0m Max speed – 1m / 3.85s Min speed – 1m / 459 days Precision – 0,1mm = 10000 steps/meter Operational temperature range  -25 to 45C. Power supply 11.4-14.4V Power Consumption in standby 0.2A AC power […]