Top rod mount for Red Komodo & RS2

Top rod mount for Red Komodo & RS2

When you 3D print this .stl file with PLA plastic for example it works well to hold the DJI focus unit and motor.

Main features:

– It has one 12mm rod mount to fit the DJI RS2 focus motor rod size, and one 15mm rod mount to mount a standard 15mm rod.
– It also has a hot shoe mount nicely placed to fit the DJI 3D focus module with as little gak as possible.

This is a 3D print design by Syndicate. If purchased you are free to print as many as you like for your own personal or company use. But if you would like to use the design for mass manufacturing or such then please contact the Syndicate team for licensing.

The design is made with  RED Komodo Cameras and DJI RS2. in mind.

Happy printing!

Designed in a strive to minimise weight and optimise the physics of a RED Komodo mounted on a DJI RS2 gimbal.