2023 VFX Reel

Play A few samples of our work cut together in a few minutes long “potpuri” edit. 

Betsson – EM 2021

Play Agency: MassCreationDirector: Markus CastroProducer: Andrew ThompsonDoP: Carl Rassmusen No Soccer huligans or greenscreens were harmed in the making of this commercial. The spot was produced for the European Soccer Championship 2021 in the midst of the vaxing phase of the corona pandemic. Shot by Carl Rassmusen using the Syndicate Red 6k Komodo, Zeiss Jena […]


Play Director: Filip Engström ProdCo: Smuggler LALineproduction: Camp David Film  This commercial was produced in Stockholm during the Corona pandemic. Both agency and end clients stayed in the US and watched over the process via video links. The film is shot using the Syndicate Easter Enterprise FD lenses.    https://vimeo.com/474580932 Fully

Gröna Lund – SNAKE

Play During the last couple of years Syndicate have produced a series of advertising campaigns for Parks & Resorts. First assignment was this  campaign for “Snake” a ride that was brought in as a “fillout atraction” during a park reconstruction at Gröna Lund during the summer of 2019. a film inspired by Steven Spielbergs early […]

2023 Creature Reel

Play We love this kind of stuff: hamsters, lizards, deers, mammoths, dogs, cows, birds, snakes, robots and cats. Even dust balls can be nice if they are given the right kind of personality.

Eton – Shirts

Play During the last couple of yeas Syndicate has collaborated with Johan Collskog, Joachim Thörnquist and ETON and made a vast amount of shirt commecials.  Every season came with a new batch of films. New location, new male models, new challenges. but most of all new Eton shirts and a lot of them. All the […]

Depeche Mode – I Feel Love

Play Yes we are that old, but imagine all the experience. lol. Team list Prod Co: Oil Factory UKDirector: John HillcoatDoP: Fredrik Callingard

Kylie Minogue – Love at first sight

Play Nostalgia, this we made in the good old days when musicvideos was a thing. Director: Johan Renck https://youtu.be/wf421JsG004?si=F0a4MGRNEmltX1Wm