Fasenra – Get back out there

Play Big thanks to Snafu studios, Filip Engström, Francesca Lentini and everyone else involved. The campagin was shot in Vancouver 2023. Syndicate was onboard to create some elaborate web GUI transitions and  other things.  https://vimeo.com/903334259 Fasenra – Stepping Back Out There 60s Fasenra – BTS

Sigur Rós – Blóðberg

Play Pure magic to be part of creating the official music video for Blóðberg together with the one and only, director Johan Renck. Thank you. “I feel as nihinistic as one could regarding the future. We are powerless againts our own stupidities. Some aspects of this came to merge with my impressions of the themes […]

Star Casino – Italy

Play Big thanks to : Campdavid, Director Robert Jitzmark, DoP Jallo Farber and everyone else involved. The campagin was shot in Rumania during the spring of 2023. Syndicate was brought on the project to provide the intro and and other post production trickery stuff. Star Casino – Italy


Play Big thanks to : Smuggler, Filip Engström, Francisca Lentini and everyone else involved. The campagin was shot in Prague during the spring of 2023. Syndicate was brought on the project to provide some virtual set extensions and other post production trickery stuff. OTEZLA – Movie Night OTEZLA – Date Night


Play Big thanks to Trey Laird, Patrick Kinsella and team for time and time again putting your trust in us, you’re the BOSS.  Naomi Campell, Gigi Hadid, Gissele Bundchen, Lee Min Ho and the other usual suspect are the models, we / Syndicate are the logos. https://vimeo.com/910366279 BOSS – Frosted crystal logo animation. BOSS – […]

HM – Flowery fields forever

Play Big thanks to: H&M, Camp David Film, Filip Engström, Francisca Lentini, Gösta Reiland and everyone else involved. HM – Magic Flowers 30s HM – Magic summer 30s

Tre – Guinea pig

Play Big thanks to Camp David: Robert Jitzmark, Emma Creed, Tre: Lina Stenberg, and everyone else involved. The campagin was shot in sunny Capetown SA. Syndicate was brought on the project to provide the CG Guinea Pig and do the online work. The campaign was lounched for the Swedish market during the spring 2023  and […]

NaturesWay – The bug

Play Highresolution print artwork Thank you Filip Engström, Francesca Lentin and Smuggler LA for honouring us with yet another vfx soaked adventure. These films where shot late fall in Capetown SA, in miniature studio sets and on locations around town.  Syndicate was on the project from the get go and worked on the animatics together […]

Estée Lauder – Ana De Armas

Play Big thanks goes to Reset Content director Johan Renck (director of Spaceman, Chernobyl, Breaking Bad to name a few) for bringing us along on projects like this.Due to corona restrictions we had to VFX supervise the shoot in NY from Stockholm via a video feed, which was totally pain free. From our Stockholm office we […]

Moen – Midas touch

Play King Midas introduces the Moen gold Faucette. In collaboration with director Filip Engström and set designer Jason Dawes Syndicate was put to the task to gild this production with some elaborate CG set extensions.  Team list CLIENT MoenPROD CO Smuggler LADIRECTOR Filip EngströmDOP Filip MarekPRODUCER Francesca LentiniSET DESIGN Jason DawesLINE PRODUCTION Unit Sofa Read more about the […]

HM – Back To School

Play A campaign for HM childrens collection. Shot in Mexico  city, directed by Filip Engström. Team list CLIENT H&MCAMPAIGN Back To SchoolPROD CO Camp David FilmDIRECTOR Filip EngströmDOP Erik SolströmPRODUCER Francesca LentiniEXECUTIVE PRODUCER Rickard EdholmAGENCY PRODUCER Always Frank https://vimeo.com/710777345 HM – Back To School 2022

Credit Karma

Play Creat your Karma with Credit Karma. Three magically seamless films for Credit Karma filmed both on set in Prague and on location in the Czech Republic. The project was done together with Smuggler LA. Check out our behind the sceenes footage if you want to know how much fun we had and how its […]

Clio Awards – Silver Winner Vfx 2022

Play Huge thanks goes to Smuggler LA and their very talented Director Dr MC Engstrom and Post producer Francesca Lentini for putting their trust in us. With out you guys none of this would have happened. Clio Awards is one of, if not the biggest annual award program that recognises creative excellence in advertising.  Clio is also one of few of these […]

Volvo XC40 – Pjadad

Play Volvos first EV.  We are happy to be part of the creative process for the new Volvo XC40 campaign. Huge thanks to Pjadad for taking us on the ride. Team list PRODUCER Yasmina Suhonen  CREATIVE DIRECTOR Petter Johansson Kukacka – PJDAD Volvo – XC40 For every you 60s Volvo – XC40 For every you […]

TJX – Effect

Play Christmas magic by Dr MC Engstrom production. The footage was shot in fall, in a Disney backlot out in the desert not far from Los Angles in 40C heat. Syndicate was awarded the challenging task together with a set designer and practical snow team. The mission was to turn LA hot desert suburb backlot […]

AMEX – The Explorer

Play This campaign featuring Kristofer Hiviju, also famous from Game of Thrones, was shot in New Zeeland in the early Corona days.  As the whole concept for the campaign is about going places the release date got postponed to late 2022. Team list DIRECTOR Christoffer von Reis PRODUCER Peter Kydd AMEX – The Explorer

2023 VFX Reel

Play A few samples of our work cut together in a few minutes long “potpuri” edit. 

Klarna – Nonso Anozie

Play Filip Engstrom, we love working with this director. Syndicate catered for the VFX work creating many Nonso´s and things. Filip catered for the magic. Team list DIRECTOR Filip EngstromDOP Erik SolströmSET DESIGN Jason DawesPRODUCER Francesca LentiniEXECUTIVE PRODUCER Rickard EdholmPROD CO Camp David https://vimeo.com/610669628 Klarna-WereManyWereStrong 30s Klarna – NoMore14Days 30s Klarna – NoMoreUnreasonableFees 30s Klarna – […]


Play Feels like winning the lottery to work with director Robert Jitzmark. Team list CLIENT Euro JackpotPROD CO Camp DavidDIRECTOR Robert JitzmarkProducer Rickard Edholm   https://vimeo.com/650291155 Euro Jackpot – Robert Jitzmark

Betsson – EM 2021

Play Agency: MassCreationDirector: Markus CastroProducer: Andrew ThompsonDoP: Carl Rassmusen No Soccer huligans or greenscreens were harmed in the making of this commercial. The spot was produced for the European Soccer Championship 2021 in the midst of the vaxing phase of the corona pandemic. Shot by Carl Rassmusen using the Syndicate Red 6k Komodo, Zeiss Jena […]


Play Director: Filip Engström ProdCo: Smuggler LALineproduction: Camp David Film  This commercial was produced in Stockholm during the Corona pandemic. Both agency and end clients stayed in the US and watched over the process via video links. The film is shot using the Syndicate Easter Enterprise FD lenses.    https://vimeo.com/474580932 Fully

Skara Sommarland – Snake the Sequel

Play A Syndicate pet project to say the least where Syndicate was pulling all the strings, everything from concept development to final masters.  Possibly you have seen Gröna Lund – “Snake” a few summers back, Well this is the sequel. If you have not seen the original, then here is a link.As the voice over says:-“It moves without logic, […]

Simple Human – Trashcan

Play In December 2020 Camp David director Per-Hampus Stålhandske came to us with this interesting project. A Couple that cleans up their kitchen after a big dinner in a magical way.   They split up in multiples of them selves all while tossing the trash in their new Simple human electric, voice activated garbage bin. […]

ATG – What are your thoughts?

Play A campaign for ATG the Swedish betting company. “What are your thoughts”. Directed by the notorius Robert Jitz Jitzmark.  Team list CLIENT ATGPROD CO Camp David FilmsDIRECTOR Robert JitzmarkDOP Jallo FaberAGENCY Åkestam Holst https://vimeo.com/741886316 ATG – Hur går dina tankar 45s

IWC Shaffenhausen Museum – Spitfire intro

Play Sadly the plug was pulled on this Disney styled production. We did not want to let go so we finished it on our own. We have never been to Shaffenhausen or the IWC museum so this render is made from looking at Google maps and a bunch of internet photographs as our only references. […]

2023 Creature Reel

Play We love this kind of stuff: hamsters, lizards, deers, mammoths, dogs, cows, birds, snakes, robots and cats. Even dust balls can be nice if they are given the right kind of personality.

SAAB – JAS Gripen

Play As Swedes we are very proud to have worked on this footage. Beautifully shot by Peter Degerfeldt using his high precision GSX gyro head. JAS Gripen is the Swedish warfare crown jewel and has been developed since the early 80´s, the planes are sold world wide. SAAB – Jas Gripen What is cooler than […]

Depeche Mode – I Feel Love

Play Yes we are that old, but imagine all the experience. lol. Team list Prod Co: Oil Factory UKDirector: John HillcoatDoP: Fredrik Callingard

Kylie Minogue – Love at first sight

Play Nostalgia, this we made in the good old days when musicvideos was a thing. Director: Johan Renck https://youtu.be/wf421JsG004?si=F0a4MGRNEmltX1Wm