TJX – Effect

Play Christmas magic by Dr MC Engstrom production. The footage was shot in the fall of 2021 in a Disney backlot out in the desert not far from Los Angles in 40C heat. Syndicate was awarded the challenging task together with a set designer and practical snow team to turn LA hot desert suburb backlot […]

Fall 2021 VFX Reel

Play A few samples of our work cut together in a few minutes long “potpuri” edit. 

ServPro – Like it never even happen happened

Play Jet another Smuggler Production directed by talented Dr MC Engstrom. Syndicate catered for the Post production and VFX work creating a bazooka launcher, chopper with water ballon, Massive jet engine and other bits.  Team list DIRECTOR Filip Engstrom CHIEF MARKETING OFFICER Mike Stahl CO-FOUNDER Patrick Milling-Smith AVP, GROUP DIRECTOR Chad Lewis CO-FOUNDER Brian Carmody ADVERTISING & MARKETING MNGR Chris Layfield EXECUTIVE […]

IWC Shaffenhausen Museum – Spitfire intro

Play Sadly production pulled the plug on us for this Disney styled intro animation allready on the preprod / animatic stage. Well, we did not want to let go, so we decided to, some what finish, it any way. As it is, We never been to Shaffenhausen or the IWC museum, so this render is […]

Betsson – EM 2021

Play Agency: MassCreation Director: Markus Castro Producer: Andrew Thompson DoP: Carl Rassmusen No Soccer huligans or greenscreens where harmed in the making of this commercial. The spot was produced for the European Soccer Championship 2021 in the midst of the vaxing phase of the corona pandemic all on a shoe string budget. Shot by Carl […]


Play Director: Filip Engström ProdCo: Smuggler LALineproduction: Camp David Film  This film was shot in Stockholm during the Corona pandemic late 2020. With clients and agency staying in the US watching over the process via video links. The film as shot using the Syndicate Easter Enterprise FD lenses. Fully

2020 Creature Reel

Play We love this kind of stuff. Hamsters, lizards, deers, mammoths, dogs, cows, birds, snakes, robots etc. Even dust balls can be nice if they are given the right kind of personality.

SAAB – JAS Gripen

Play As Swedes we are very proud to have worked on this footage, beautifully  shot by Peter Degerfeldt using his high precision GSX gyro head. JAS Gripen is the Swedish warfare crownjevel and has been developed since the early 80´s and is sold to Brazil among other countries. In the film no CG was added, […]

Skara Sommarland – Snake the Sequel

Play This is a true Syndicate production, a pet project to say the least. Possibly you have seen Gröna Lund – “Snake” a few summers back, Well this is the sequel. If you have not seen the original, then here is a link.As the voice over says:-“It moves without logic, attacks and devours and none […]

Simple Human – Trashcan

Play In December 2020 Camp David director Per-Hampus Stålhandske came to us with this interesting project. A Couple that cleans up their kitchen after a big dinner in a magical way.   They split up in multiples of them selves all while tossing the trash in their new Simple human electric, voice activated garbage bin. […]

Depeche Mode – I Feel Love

Play Yes we are that old, but imagine all the experience. lol. Team list Prod Co: Oil Factory UKDirector: John HillcoatDoP: Fredrik Callingard