Fall 2021 VFX Reel

Play A few samples of our work cut together in a few minutes long “potpuri” edit. 

IWC Shaffenhausen Museum – Spitfire intro

Play Sadly production pulled the plug on us for this Disney styled intro animation allready on the preprod / animatic stage. Well, we did not want to let go, so we decided to some what finish it any way. As we never been to the IWC museum, or even the city of Shaffenhousen, we relied […]

Betsson – EM 2021

Play Agency: MassCreation Director: Markus Castro Producer: Andrew Thompson DoP: Carl Rassmusen No Soccer huligans or greenscreens where harmed in the making of this commercial. The spot was produced for the European Soccer Championship 2021 in the midst of the vaxing phase of the corona pandemic all on a shoe string budget. Shot by Carl […]

2020 Creature Reel

Play We love this kind of stuff. Hamsters, lizards, deers, mammoths, dogs, cows, birds, snakes, robots etc. Even dust balls can be nice if they are given the right kind of personality.

SAAB – JAS Gripen

Play As Swedes we are very proud to have worked on this footage, beautifully  shot by Peter Degerfeldt using his high precision GSX gyro head. JAS Gripen is the Swedish warfare crownjevel and has been developed since the early 80´s and is sold to Brazil among other countries. In the film no CG was added, […]

Skara Sommarland – Snake the Sequel

Play This is a true Syndicate production, a pet project to say the least. Possibly you have seen Gröna Lund – “Snake” a few summers back, Well this is the sequel. If you have not seen the original, then here is a link.As the voice over says:-“It moves without logic, attacks and devours and none […]

Simple Human – Trashcan

Play In December 2020 Camp David director Per-Hampus Stålhandske came to us with this interesting project. A Couple that cleans up their kitchen after a big dinner in a magical way.   They split up in multiples of them selves all while tossing the trash in their new Simple human electric, voice activated garbage bin. […]

Chanel – Checkmate

Play Pure magic to once again work on Chanel Coco Mademoiselle with Keira Knightley, and Bafta and Emmy award winning director Johan Renck. Just like Bergman, Renck chooses a game of chess as his main topic for this beautifully narrated commercial. The chess game took place in Paris and is a follow up on a […]

ATG – Mer Spänning

Play Director: Daniel WårdhProduction Co: Acne Agency: Åkestam Holst Syndicate built and filled the stands in the stadiums and other things for this production that was shot during the second wave of the corona pandemic.See the before and after film below for more details. ATG – Mer Spänning 45s ATG – Before & After VFX […]

Rakuten – Rocket Man

Play During the fall 2020 Syndicate had the honor to do the VFX work for Rakuten. Directed by one of our favorite directors who’s work has been screened several times during super bowl, directing commercials for brands such as Coca Cola, Playstation and Chevrolet to name a few. This campaign is a launch for the […]

RYDS Bilglas – Pee Break

Play This is another true Syndicate production. Huge thanks to Daniel Olsén and Lasse Edholm, The creative duo at Shiny Happy People letting us work on such loose leash. The film is a flirt and tribute to the famous Swedish director Roy Andersson and the commercials he made for Trygg Hansa some 30 years ago. […]

Lärarförbundet – Allt börjar med bra lärare

Play Our task: Provide some futuristic looking interactive Metabolic model projections and other things. You know all that kind of technical stuff that future teachers of tomorrow most likely will have to deal within their every day life. When you need such yet none existing stuff, look no further Syndicate has you covered. Team list […]

Gröna Lund – SNAKE

Play We are very proud to have this project under our belt, a true Syndicate production. During the last couple of years Syndicate have produced a series of advertising campaigns for Parks & Resorts. First assignment was this  campaign for “Snake” a ride that was brought in as a “fillout” during a park reconstruction at […]

Eton – Shirts

Play During the last couple of yeas Syndicate has collaborated with Johan Collskog, Joachim Thörnquist and ETON and made a vast amount of shirt commecials.  Every season came with a new batch of films. New location, new male models, new challenges. but most of all new Eton shirts and a lot of them. All the […]

PWC – Trustfall

Play Director: Filip Nilsson. Our task: loose all strings… https://vimeo.com/313348032 PWC – Trustfall

Cembra – Waiter

Play Syndicate had the honor of doing VFX for the Swiss bank Cembra’s film. The task was to create a robot that challenged the Average Joe in his daily work. In the end Cembra offers Joe an opportunity to get a higher degree of education through student loans. What made the project extra interesting was […]

Brämhult – The Last Drop

Play Brämhult is a Swedish Juice brand that stands for freshly squeezed oranges without preservatives. Every bottle and every day a new juice is made and its always composed of a unique group of oranges, where taste is colored by the conditions of the oranges. Syndicate where happy to put together this film for Anders […]

Gröna Lund – Built with love

Play Parks & Resorts marketing department came to us with this project and a story revolving how Gröna Lund came together. The commercial is a spin off on the true story how the amusement park Gröna Lund is built on the love between the kids of two rivaling families that where both running amusement parks […]

Louis Vuitton

Play Team list Client: Louis Vuitton Agency: Wednesday AND Production Director Travis Rathbone DoP: Timur Civan Big thanks to Ashley Scott NY for bringing us in on things like this. Louis Vuitton – Jour Se Leve Team list Prod Co: Camp David FilmsDirector: Henrik HallgrenDoP: Jo Eken Torp

Scania Trucks – Launch film 2018

Play Here is some films we created by filming a still standing truck in a grey cyclo studio at the truck factory with our Ronin and Red Helium. Then we also shot 3d mapping plates of the truck with the DJI spark drone and also some drone plates of the houses across the street from […]

Chanel – Coco Mademoiselle

Play We are very honoured to once again been given the trust to finalize another Chanel fragrance commercial. Together with the one and only, director Johan Renck, starring gorgeous Kiara Knightly. We did it avec plaisir. Huge thanks to dream team Johan Renck, SoixanzeQuinse Film and everyone involved. Team list Client: Chanel Director: Johan Renck IMDB Lead Actress: Kiera […]

H&M – Christmas campaign

Play H&M’s have unveiled their magical new Christmas campaign starring Nicki Minaj alongside Jess Williams and John Turturro. A modern take on the classic fairytale, the film centres around a heroic little girl who tracks down the evil brother of Santa Claus to save the Christmas season from his selfishness. https://vimeo.com/528627675 H&M – Christmas Team list Johan RENCK […]

IWC – Karolína Kurková & Adriana Lima

Play   Two of the worlds top supermodels spins in the International Watch Company’s “Cinema carousel” during the 2017 New York Film Festival. Syndicate where happy to be called in not only to capture the moments but also post and upload the footage straight from set. Huge thanks to Michael Gloor at Markenfilm for having […]

Sunrise – Roger Federer

Play Another Roger Federer film we where happy to do the VFX work for. Backplates from space and also from a paradise beach in Thailand. The aliens where partly “man in suit animatronics with moving eyebrows” and partly CG. Things like facial expressions and also the eyeballs where replaced with Cg eyeballs that we could […]

Tory Burch – By Giovanna Engelbert

Play Some work we got to do for Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert on her fashion films for Tory Burch.   https://vimeo.com/528643850 Tory Burch – By Giovanna Team list Prod Co: AND Production / Wednesday NYDirector: Giovanna BattagilaDP: Gösta ReilandOnline / VFX /Grade : SyndicateEditor: Marcus Remberger  

Jura S8 – Roger Federer

Play We are happy to have, yet again, worked together with Mr Federer. This time together with Markenfilm Zurich and Russell Bates. Syndicate catered for VFX supervision and mocap on set, using the MVN mocap suit from Xsens. In post our task was to create the “household robot” for Roger. The plot: The robot makes a […]

SwissMilk – Ski

Play We are very happy to have this second film for Swissmilk under the belt. What a lovely assignment: -“Go play in the mountains, make a skifilm, a cow skifilm…” Huge thanks to Swissmilk and everyone involved. And especially to the ladies at Onfilm, Ruf Lanz and Cem van der Schaar for putting up with us.The film was shot […]

DKNY – Nectar Love

Play Syndicate where happy to do the VFX work for this Fragrance film. Client: Estelle LauderAgency: Wednesday NY / ANDProduction NY Thank you Ashley Scott and Catherine Wright and the rest of the Wednesday team for putting your trust in us. https://youtu.be/O07tejROGA0

Michael Kors – Sexy Ruby

Play Syndicate where happy to do the online and VFX for this fragrance commercial. Shot in the LA Hangar Studios, late 2016, aired fall 2017. Team list Client: ESTÉE LAUDERAgency: WednesdayAgency Producer: Tracy WhitingProduction: Reset Content / AND ProductionDirector: Johan RenckDP: Daniel LandinTalent: Edita Vilkeviciutehttps://vimeo.com/228088061

IWC – Lewis Hamilton

Play We where happy to do the VFX work for this IWC commercial featuring Formula1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton.The film was shot in one day on the Circuit de Barcelona – Catalunya racetrack.  Team list Director: Lukas WaelliDP: Rasmus HeiseProducer: Michael GloorProduction Co: Markenfilm Switzerland AG / Zurichhttps://vimeo.com/313344334

Boxer – Snow

Play Two films we worked on in collaboration with Director Henrik Sundgren, DP Joakim Thörnquist, Roberts Head replacement Milford and Producer Marcus Henricsson at Giants and toys. Our task was to bring the winter and stitch together some takes for the film shot inside the house. As winter came late, (if it did at all) […]

Glade – Scents

Play We where happy to get to do the VFX work for this commercial that was shot during a week in Prag late 2016 and finalized to feb 2017.   Team list Client: GladeAgency: Ogilvy ChicagoLine Production: Sofa Unit, PragDirecor: Johan Renck   https://vimeo.com/313341405 Glade – Scents

Chanel Nouveau N°5 – L’EAU

      Play A promotion film for the release of the new Chanel N°5 fragrance fronted by Lili-Rose Depp. Produced by Soixan7e Quin5e and shoot in two beautiful weeks during the spring 2016 in Paris. For little Syndicate it was a great honor to participate, a grandiose spectacle of production it was.Big thanks goes to Director […]

Target – Marimekko

Play Director Johan Renck gave us the honor to extend his studio sets for these 4 films for his Target / Marimekko campaign produced by Reset Content in LA. The films where shot in a greenscreen studio environment and Björn had to sacrifice himself not only to fly to sunny LA to attend the shoot but also make a […]

Electrolux AEG

Play Syndicate had the honor to collaborate with iDfuel creative director Christian Almroth when creating this visualization piece for the new line of kitchen appliances for Electrolux. A small shoot was arranged at the Electrolux AEG head courters and hand interaction plates where captured and the rest was created in 3DSMax. During a few weeks production […]

H&M – Foundation

Play “Looking good should do good too. That´s what our sustainability work is all about. To make sure our customers wear our products with pride we have to be conscious in all our actions.” This quote from H&M Foundation says it all. Together with MinkMGMT and Directors Thomas Klementsson and Hedvig Jenning we made these spots […]

SwissMilk – Mountain bike

Play Thank you SwissMilk, RufLantz and Onfilm for having us. We where told it was the rainiest time in Europe for the last 40 years when we where down in the Swiss alps to shoot this film. To say the least, the weather came with some challenges. Not to mention getting a cow on a […]


Play Syndicate where happy to cater Snask Film with both moco and VFX services for this production. An animatic was made and pushed trough the syndicate 3D department into milo/flare. 7 laptops scenes where built infront of the milo and the actors did their acting against a “green on green” video playback that run in […]


Play Syndicate where happy to deliver the future for this Swisscom commerical by Marken film Schweiz AG and their director Laurentius Emmelmann. With a tight schedule of 7 days from locked edit to delivery, little Syndicate catered for the following, in order of apperance: Industrial robots working next to a prop built conveyor belt. Delivery drones picking […]

Ahmad Tea – Christmas in Russia

Play Animated product package graphics for christmas. Thanks for having us. Ahmad Tea, Clap Hands / CD Andrei Iliassov and Workshop

Luft Hansa – The unhappy 1%

Play The talented creative duo, Joakim Khoury and Daniel Vaccino, at DDB Stockholm contacted us regarding this project. Normally when making big airline films there are long schedules a lot of ppm meetings etc, but for this little production things where a bit different, the creatives had a just a few days to set the concept […]

Betsson – Storband

Play We had the honor to do the VFX work for these films directed by Markus Johnsson and Produced by Anders Eklund from FilmDeLiberte. The films where shot down in Vilnius and lineproduced by the Vilnius locals from Sosnaked. Team List Agency: Masscreation  Creative team: Jörgen Lindquist & Henrik Levahn DoP: Carl Rasmussen Grade: Edward Negussie, […]

Heizen Mit Öl

Play During the spring 2014 Syndicate had the honor of supervising the shoot and do the “cold breathing” effects for these films that where shot down in. Big thanks to Onfilm producer Michael Gloor for pushing projects like this our way. The back story was that Michael called us and asked if we could do […]

Johnnie Walker – Black Label

Play Agency: AnomalyAgency Producer: Matt FlahertyProduction Company: Reset ContentDirector: Johan Renck   During the late spring of 2014 we had the honor to do the post/VFX work for this commercial. In this commercial there are luxurious objects, a grand piano and a Jaguar etc. that artist Mattia Biagi who’s trademark is to cover everything with […]

Juhayna Mix Drink

Play Syndicate had the honour to VFX supervise and do the vfx for this project that was shot down in Cairo early summer 2014. The film is featuring the Juhayna (big milk brand in the Arabic region)  Mix logo character that takes a bored boy on an exiting trip trough the internet. Syndicate did the […]

Peptobismal – Boy Raised By Goats

Play Peptobismal – Boy Raised By Goats This is a project Syndicate had the honor to vfx supervise down in New Zeeland and also do all the VFX work for. In other words give life to the goat heads, adding eyes, making facial expressions etc to all shots with goats in them, among other things. […]


Play Here is a little film we produced. Shot in Täby outside Stockholm featuring bike rider Alec Eklöw who also composed the music for this piece. The film was finished in UHD

Folksam – Scubadogs

Play Folksam The two creatives, Filip Laurent & Johan Landin at Åkestam Holst, has taken their client, the Swedish insurance company Folksam to yet another level. To be more exact, this time they decided to go about 45 feet down below in Sodwana bay, South Africa. A place known for it’s fantastic marine life and beautiful coral […]

TV3 – Pool Party

Play MTG invited everyone at TV3 to a pool party.Posted at Syndicate and shoot with Syndicate HAWK-C lenses. Team list Client: MTGProduction Company: Film de LibertéDirector: Joakim Eliassonhttps://vimeo.com/313347302

Lifebuoy – A sneaze is not just a sneaze

Play Lifebuoy – Sneeze This film was produced by Kirk Dias, Bakery films Bombay and was line produced by Benetone films in Bangkok Thailand. Director was Eric Hillebrand and DoP Michael Schreitel both from Germany. Shooting in Bangkok was quite an experience and so was working on a production of this magnitude a lot of […]

Beeline – Pterodactyl

Play Beeline – Pterodactyl Beeline – Pterodactyl The setup was simple: We had a two days blue screen / studio shoot in Prague. A Limited budget and also a limited time frame. We had a set built as a terrass and another set built as a giant bird nest together with some big blue screens. […]

Arla – Mjukglass

Play Arla – Mjukglass A delicious film promoting the new Arla diary product, “soft home ice cream”. Film de Liberte went to LA and shot a very nice costume using Kowa anamorphics. Syndicate got the honor to create the ice cream stand and also give the ice cream guy some life by animating his eyes, […]


Play Länsförsäkringar – Västerbotten A motion control project with a Miniature, motion control and macro one take shot, what else is there to like. https://vimeo.com/313345162 Länsförsäkringar – Västerbotten And here is the BTS:


Play Directed by Ensrettet / Acne for the Swedish agency Forsman Bodenfors and their client 118118. Syndicate created the visual effects for the six spots. 118118 – Väginfo 118118 – Pizza 118118 – Personsök 118118 – Kommun 118118 – Öppettider 118118 – Blommor

Skåvsjöholm – Prickfria möten

Play Skavsjöholm – Prickfria möten This commercial was produced and directed by David Kvart and DP’d by Martin Grafström shooting with the Syndicate RED Epic and Hawk-C anamorphic lens set. All the grading and post work was completed by Syndicate, straight from the RED native r3d files and finished in full “5KANA” resolution with Fuji print emulsion LUT’s. Skavsjöholm – […]


Play K-Rauta – Rätta virket Directed by Joakim Eliasson at Film De Liberte – with DP Henrik Stenberg shooting with Syndicate’s own Hawk-C:s on an Alexa Studio – Syndicate created the CG forest sauna and the seaside summer house. https://vimeo.com/315462787 K-Rauta – Rätta virket Before and after 3D sauna: https://vimeo.com/515318558

Försäkringskassan – Valsverket

Play Försäkringskassan – Valsverket The Syndicate team is very proud of their visual effects work for this spot directed by Johan Kling. Most of the backgrounds for the vals / factory film are CG creations. The production was also shot on the Syndicate Anamorphic Hawk’s and Kameraten’s Arri Alexa Studio. The spots were finalized in […]

Fruit sale!

Play Citygross – Medlemskort A Syndicate table top production produced in collaboration with Production company Lovechild. Start with one pineapple, forty apples, fifty melons and about eight dozen veggies. Toss in a catapult, a samurai swordsman, one high speed camera and a few super sharp Leica summilux C lenses.

I-Reel Milo service

Play During the last couple of yeas Syndicate has collaborated with Johan Collskog, Joachim Thörnquist and ETON and made a vast amount of shirt commecials.  Every season came with a new batch of films. New location, new male models, new challenges. but most of all new Eton shirts and a lot of them. All the […]

Century Link – Slinky

Play Five :15 shorts that we shot, edited, completed all effects and final polish here in Stockholm for U.S. telecom CenturyLink. We skyped daily with the LA based agency producer, Nancy Rose, and the creative team, Jay Sunny and Mark Toft, back in Denver at Monigle Associates. We had several live internet shoot and post […]

Grill Wochen

Play Grill Wochen – Penny One large and woolly mammoth stalked by wild Neanderthal hunters – can one ask for more excitement in a food spot? We don’t think so. Jumping on board when E+P Commercial asked us to create this crazy beast, we completed all the effects in record time. The schedule was less […]

Julius Baer – Your private bank

Play Julius Baer Shooting on location in Cape Town. The complexity of the shoot required Björn to fly to S.A. and prep with Max, Krille and Michael from Condor Films, then supervise all post effects. Check this out: The interior of the house was shot on location. But the exterior is a 3D matte painting […]

Boxer – Road Trip

Play Boxer – Road Trip Boxer allows you to personalize your channel selections. Syndicate makes the channels come alive in the Arizona desert. https://vimeo.com/515666030 Boxer – Road Trip

Autodesk – Just add water

Play Autodesk – Revit Flow Former “Daddy”, now Crispin Porter + Bogusky Europe, awarded Syndicate the job of scripting, producing, filming and post producing a spot for Autodesk’s AEC software (Architectural Engineering and Construction). The challenge was to deliver a spot with both technical edge and creative appeal for this particular end user. https://vimeo.com/313339301 Autodesk – […]

Läkerol – Cool taste

Play Oskar Bård, Director and founder of Hobby film, offered us a challenge. Six :05 spots, all with the same :02 end tags. How much VFX work can we squeeze into those remaining :03? All spots shot on Syndicate’s brand new RED Epic against blue screen at XL Studios. https://vimeo.com/515672263 Läkerol – Snökyssen Läkerol – […]

Canal Digital – HD-indians & remote recording

Play Two spots promoting the superb picture quality provided by Canal Digital’s own satellite –  plus the ability to remotely trigger your recordings via your cell phone. CanalDigital – Film 1 CanalDigital – Film 2

Century Link – Slinky Road Trip

Play Century Link – Road Trip Slinky hits the road and takes a trip from the outer banks of North Carolina to the Pacific Northwest. https://vimeo.com/313339870 Century Link – Spring 2011 Here’s the first CenturyLink Slinky spot that we made with the same team.